Organizational Leadership Professional Developments

We have a menu of set programs to choose from or will work with you to develop a program that addresses your organization’s individual needs.

Current Offerings

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RACE: Are We So Different?

(Exhibit on display September 27 – December 29.)

RACE: Are We So Different? is a powerful interactive exhibit that encourages audiences to explore the biology, history, and everyday impact of race. Combined with the unique experience of facilitated “Talking Circles,” RACE offers valuable tools for you and your staff to explore racial preconceptions and attitudes in an involving, compassionate, and non-confrontational way.

Benefits of Talking Circles

  • Professional facilitation.
  • Employees can explore issues of race and discrimination on their own terms, without being put on the defensive.
  • Discovering real-world examples of how race has affected our history and shapes our lives today will allow your staff to build empathy and understanding racial for differences and variations.
  • Exploring an enhanced ability to manage diversity as a strategic priority and a competitive necessity.
  • Creating a common experience by exploring issues of race can create a more comfortable and supportive work environment.
  • Exploring issues of diversity in a way that makes all individuals feel involved can help to reduce risks for employee complaints and lawsuits.
  • Cost = $450 :: Non-profits = $300
  • 12 participants per program is ideal. Maximum of 20 participants per program.
  • After-hours talking circle experiences available for an additional fee.

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Ready to Book?

  • Fill out our Talking Circles Interest Form.
  • For more information and group pricing contact our Education Team @ (502) 992-5340.
  • Must book 3 weeks prior to ensure staffing and event space availability.
  • Additional facilitators, events space, and food/beverage available upon request for additional fee.

“This experience has transformed the way I look at my own institution and has given me many tools to begin changing many of the inequalities I have observed during my work. I will also bring this work to the institutions that I sit on boards of to help start a process of reflection on equity/access issues.” — Science Museum of Minnesota Program Participant