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Program Areas

The Muhammad Ali Center’s primary programmatic focus encompasses the following areas.


Generation Ali is a global movement that inspires our new generation of leaders to achieve greatness on local, national and global levels. The movement draws its inspiration from “The Greatest” himself, Muhammad Ali, and his six guiding principles: Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect and Spirituality. United by a common goal and linked through a strong social media platform, Generation Ali encourages leaders to find a cause worth fighting for and provides the tools necessary to create a better world.

Help create a powerful force of like-minded leaders who will work for world peace, civil rights, cross-cultural understanding, interfaith relations, humanitarianism, hunger relief, and the commonality of basic human values.

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Through the Muhammad Ali Center’s educational initiatives and partnerships, all age groups can participate in programs that enrich their lives on their personal journeys to greatness:

  • Character Education Program
  • School Trips
  • Muhammad Ali Center Council of Students
  • Daughters of Greatness Series


Inspired by Muhammad Ali’s core principle of Respect, gender equity holds a place of importance in programming at the Muhammad Ali Center. Gender-based violence, educational and economic discrimination, reproductive health inequities, and harmful traditional practices all take away women’s right to live in dignity and freedom. Beyond the fact that gender equality is a basic human right as defined by the United Nations, the empowerment of women is critical to the health, productivity, and happiness of our families and our communities, locally and globally.

Through programming such as our Daughters of Greatness breakfast series, feature movies from our Metamorphosis Film Series, and other activities, the Center aims to provide an opportunity and place for dialogue and discussion on current community and world issues facing women, share resources and solutions, and find inspiration in the actions of women who have broken barriers to make the world a better place for everyone.


Few people have ever exemplified the concept of a global citizen as Muhammad Ali has. True to Muhammad Ali’s core principles of Respect and Giving, part of the mission of the Center is to promote respect, hope and understanding between people everywhere. Driven by a strong sense of compassion toward fellow human beings and concern for human rights and human dignity, Global Citizenship is about people finding a way to live together peacefully, and respectful of one another’s hopes and dreams.

The Center’s programming related to Global Citizenship aims to inspire people to act locally and to think and behave globally. Selections from our Metamorphosis Film Series, discussions and media from our Untold Stories series, and collaborative programs and efforts with officials, teachers, community leaders, and youth from nations all over the world, all are opportunities to incubate conversations that can impact individuals and transform our communities.