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Shining a Light International Photo Contest


“Shining a Light: The Right to Education”

Dates and information for the 2017 Shining a Light International Photo Contest coming soon!

2016 Shining a Light International Photo Contest

The Muhammad Ali Center’s third annual international photography contest and exhibition, Shining a Light, returns to the Ali Center. This year’s exhibition, inspired by the United Nations Girls’ Education Initiative, showcases individuals and organizations working toward the “Right to Education” for all children worldwide.

14. Faisal Azim-Happy learning 1

Submissions for the contest were asked to depict individuals or organizations engaging in one or more of the following:

  1. Improving the quality and availability of girls’ education
  2. Removing barriers to learning
  3. Empowering girls through education to realize their full potential
  4. Reducing/eliminating school-related gender-based violence
  5. Illustrating an increased number of girls transitioning to secondary education and accessing post-primary opportunities

Shining a Light, featuring 40 photos on display will be open from March 8 to June 30, 2016. The cost of the exhibit is included in regular admission pricing.

The Ali Center received 333 entries from 16 countries.

Top entries include: “Schools Reached by Danger” by Bambang Wirawan (Indonesia), “Sushmita” by Patrick Mouzawak (United States), and “Yasmine” by Haitham Al Farsi (Oman).

Honorable Mentions include: Chandan Bhattacharya, Biswas Dey, Eden Forte, Anindya Jhan Licayan, and Debdas Phani.

Exhibited Artists include: Piyal Adhikary, Suman Ballav, Suman Bhattacharyya, Robin Canfield, Tania Chatterjee, Said Fauzi, Delizia Flaccavento, Sirsendu Gayen, Dino Jasarevic, Robert Johnson III, Janis Kirstein, Maria Krasinski, Sourav Laskar, Sandipan Majumdar, Muh Mizanul Haq, SHM Mushfiqul Alam, Danilo O. Victoriano, Rajendra Pandey, Rajib Singha, Jayanta Sinhababu, and Laura Warren.

Muhammad Ali Center Exhibition: March 8, 2016 – June 30, 2016