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100 Years Later: The Collective Power of Women

Muhammad Ali Center and Metro United Way Team up to Present Online Program

In observance this month of the 100 year anniversary of the ratification of the 19th amendment, women’s right to vote, the Muhammad Ali Center and Metro United Way have teamed up to present a virtual program called 100 Years Later: The Collective Power of Women to take place Friday, August 28 EDT from 10-11 a.m. The event will feature six past Muhammad Ali Center Daughters of Greatness recipients, who will discuss the collective power of women through the years, how women had to fight for the right to vote, some of the systems that have divided us as a nation, the importance of women’s voices to be heard in elected office and in the voting booths, and the urgent need for true unity, representation, and action. This online program is free; a $10 donation is suggested.

For more information and to register for 100 Years Later: The Collective Power of Women, visit HERE.

The Daughters of Greatness Breakfast Series, launched 8 years ago at the Muhammad Ali Center, features women leaders of social change, activism, and pursuits of justice.

The online panel will include the following Daughters:

Roula Allouch, Attorney, Council of American-Islamic Relations, and Muhammad Ali Center board member

Dr. Renee Campbell, College of Social Work, University of Kentucky

Dr. Cate Fosl, Anne Braden Institute, University of Louisville

Diane Porter, Jefferson County Public Schools, Board of Education

Theresa Reno-Weber, President & CEO, Metro United Way

Ambassador Shabazz, Founding Daughter of Greatness recipient, daughter of Malcolm X

“The collective power of women should not be understated or ignored,” said Donald Lassere, President and CEO of the Muhammad Ali Center. “During this crucial time in our history, women’s voices will have real impact on shaping our future and creating social justice and equity.”

“As an advocate of justice and equity for all, Metro United Way is proud to partner with the Muhammad Ali Center to celebrate the collective power of women and honor those who fought for women’s rights,” said Theresa Reno-Weber, President and CEO of Metro United Way. “I am thrilled to stand alongside these powerful women and inspire others to pursue social and policy changes that create opportunity for all people to thrive.”

To ensure women count today and every day ahead, Metro United Way has been fighting for a fair, accurate, and complete 2020 Census count that provides our community with the resources we need and the voice we deserve. Women can guarantee that they, their loved ones, and their neighbors are counted by visiting or calling 844-330-2020 and sharing these resources with their networks.

Women seeking resources to raise their voices in the 2020 General Election can register to vote in Kentucky here; and in Indiana, register here