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Muhammad Ali Center Athletes & Social Change Forum

The 2021 Forum will take place virtually on Thursday, June 24, 2021. The theme of the 2021 Forum will be “Collective Action and Amplifying the Political Power of Athletes and Sport.”

The 2021 Forum seeks to give space and voice to collective action and the political power of athletes and sport. The Forum will focus on:

1. Engaging sport to further equality and inclusion
2. Using sport to promote justice and fight injustice
3. Mobilizing and organizing the political power of athletes and sport

The program aims to address a full spectrum of diverse groups when addressing sport and social change topics. Some of these include:
– voting rights
– criminal justice reform
– freedom of speech and protest
– racial and gender equality, disability inclusion, and LGBT rights
– rights of children and youth

The goal is to promote solidarity and allyship among and across these important areas of work.

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