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Shining A Light: (The) Many Faces of Homeless Women Opening

“Shining a Light” is an annual international photography contest and exhibition hosted by the Muhammad Ali Center which leveraged its existing capacity to increase awareness around issues of human rights and social justice on local, national, and international stages in 2013. Annually, the “Shining a Light” contest focuses on an aspect of gender equality, curates an exhibition of those photographs that opens in conjunction with International Women’s Day every year, and offers educational programming about the selected topic in order to enhance the audiences’ experience.

This year, for the 6th annual contest and exhibition, the Muhammad Ali Center has chosen to focus on homeless women and the nuances of the issues they face daily. To examine the complexity of this subject, the annual contest asked photographers around the world, both professional and amateur, to look around them, in their cities or on their travels, to aim their lens at an issue that is in our own backyards. Answering this call were nearly 300 submissions from countries all over the world: Baku, Turkey, Poland, Brazil, Germany, Canada, Belgium, Australia, Spain, Britain, Nigeria, and America. Each photograph chosen for exhibition has a unique story to tell.

“Shining a Light: (The) Many Faces of Homeless Women” will open March 8, 2019.

  • March 8, 2019