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Ali Festival Youth Poetry and Art Contest

Photo courtesy of the Leroy Neiman Foundation. Drawn/Painted by Leroy Neiman.

Youth Poetry and Art Contest

The Muhammad Ali Center is seeking student artists to join us in celebrating the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali for our annual Ali Festival. The Ali Center is calling students from grades K-12 to channel their inner Ali by submitting poetry or an art piece based on specific Ali-related themes. We will select one winner from grades elementary, middle, and high, who will receive a unique prize. Select student artwork and poems will also be showcased through the Ali Center’s social media platforms.

This is your opportunity to share your greatness on the world’s stage!


Select from the prompts below or use your creativity to create your unique Muhammad Ali themed artwork or poem.

Elementary School (K-5)

Write, Draw, or Record a Poem or Artwork of what comes to mind when you think of Muhammad Ali – some ideas could include a portrait, boxing gloves, boxing ring, butterflies, bees, or anything else you can imagine!

Middle School (6-8)

Write, Draw, or Record a Poem or Artwork based on one of Muhammad Ali’s Six Core Principles – Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Respect, Giving, and/or Spirituality

  • Which Core Principle is most relevant to your life?
  • How did Ali show his Core Principles during his lifetime?
  • What Core Principle do you think the world needs more of?

High School (9-12)

Write, Draw, or Record a Poem or Artwork that showcases how Muhammad Ali used his fame for civic engagement, social justice, activism, and/or peace-building.

  • Share how Ali was involved in empowering and uplifting minority communities.
  • Share how Ali used his voice to call out injustice.
  • Share how Ali inspires you to use your voice as a young leader.


  • All entries must be submitted through the Muhammad Ali Center’s online form:

  • Students must have parental/guardian permission to enter.
  • Submission deadline: June 13, 2021 at 11:59 PM (EST)