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Generation Ali is a global movement that inspires a new generation of leaders—both young and young at heart—to achieve greatness on a local, national, and global level.  The grassroots movement draws its inspiration from Muhammad Ali’s Six Core Principles:  Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect, and Spirituality.

Generation Ali represents a series of initiatives that empower young and young at heart to find their voice and become leaders in social justice issues. Through collaboration, partnership, engagement, and sharing, members of Generation Ali affect change on all stages, from local communities to the international arena. The Generation Ali community seeks to improve themselves and their communities by finding their purpose in service to others.

The three elements of Generation Ali include: the Generation Ali App, the Gen Ali Story Booths in our exhibits, and our youth programs at the Ali Center. Learn more below. 


Inspired by the principles and the legacy of Muhammad Ali, Generation Ali represents a series of initiatives grounded in an interconnected social platform that encourages young and young at heart to find their personal “greatness” through service to others.


Through the Generation Ali App, available through iTunes, users can explore videos created by individuals from around the world by answering two questions:  “What Are You Fighting For?” and “What is Your Red Bike Moment?”.  The Generation Ali app is a space of inspiration grounded in an interconnected social platform that encourages people to find their personal greatness through service to others.

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Located on the Ali Center's 4th Floor

Share your story by answering the questions "What is your Red Bike Moment?" and "What are you fighting for?" and listen to others' inspiring stories in our video recording story booths.
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Muhammad Ali Center Council of Students (MACCS)
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See Generation Ali in action with our past Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award Winners here

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What is a Red Bike Moment© ?

This experience involving his stolen bike, became the first pivotal moment in Muhammad’s life; it became his “Red Bike” Moment.

Most of us can reflect on our own personal history and identify a transformational event in our lives that occurred because of a challenge or some type of adversity.

From that forward, Muhammad Ali experienced an awakening and began to seriously consider the realities of racial tensions in America and the effects of segregation and integration. At a very young age, Muhammad made a conscious decision to use boxing as a platform for social justice and peacemaking on a global basis. Muhammad Ali utilized his “Red Bike Moment”© to fight a different kind of fight that persisted while still in the ring, and continued until his passing in June, 2016.

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