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Muhammad Ali Center to Co-Host the Humanity Passport Project’s 2nd Annual International Ball

Special guests include Hon. Edward James Olmos, Lady Julianna Roosevelt, and Maestra Karen Briggs

On November 7, 2014, at 6:00 p.m., the Muhammad Ali Center will co-host the Humanity Passport Project’s 2nd Annual International Ball designed to bridge residents of Greater Louisville to regional and national networks, generating intriguing conversations regarding the wonder of experiencing culture.

Special guests Edward James Olmos and Lady Julianna Roosevelt (great-granddaughter of 32nd U.S. President and Eleanor Roosevelt) will speak on their experiences as global activists while violinist Karen Briggs will perform, accompanied by Louisville Orchestra Conductor, Teddy Abrams. Also appearing will be Dr. Alex Gerassimedis, Donald Lassere, Marta Miranda, and Naomi Tutu (daughter of Bishop Desmond Tutu).

Inspired by the 1945 signing of the United Nations charter, the annual UN Day commemoration became a catalyst for people around the globe to join hands and build a better world. In 2013, with the spirit of that mission firmly in mind, Ambassador Shabazz, founder of The Humanity Passport Project (HPP), created and introduced to Louisville the first annual United Louisville Global Exchange Network International Ball, supported by the partnering Muhammad Ali Center and other loyal members of the HPP.

Says Ambassador Shabazz, “As a New Yorker, UN Day has always painted a significant tapestry of cross-culture in my life. Now, living here in Louisville since 2010, I am always intrigued when I hear what has brought an international family to Kentucky. The stories are wonderful and a real tribute to the Greater Louisville’s intention to assure a global-welcome City. Over the past couple of years, I have embarked upon a mission to match the United Nations’ 193 member countries from Louisville’s own 160,000 international residents.”

In tribute to Louisville where 12% of the population represents a diversity of international flags—and are key to the fabric of hospitality and compassion of the city—the HPP has fostered a relationship with a host of communities by developing seminars, fellowships, global mentor alliances, and creating opportunities of exposure and exchange on a local level, across the United States, and abroad.

Individual Banquet Tickets for the 2014 International Ball start at $100 and sponsorship tables are available. Ticket sales end November 7.

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