Athletes and Social Change is designed to advance education, advocacy, and research on the role and contribution of athletes toward social change, human rights, and development. We welcome athletes, advocates, practitioners, scholars and policymakers working to advance the realm of athletes and social change through the six core values of Muhammad Ali:  Confidence, Conviction, Dedication, Giving, Respect, and Spirituality.

From 2013 – 2016 the Muhammad Ali Center hosted the Athletes and Social Change Forum that focused on education, advocacy and research in the realm of athletes and social change, human rights and development. Athletes and Social Change now organizes an annual Athlete Summit as well as ongoing workshops, presentations and collaborations to support and grow the space for athletes and social change. 

Athletes and Social Change focuses on the following considerations:

  1. The roles and responsibilities athletes have beyond the playing field.
  2. The ways athletes can serve as educators and advocates to address social problems within and outside of sports.
  3. How the global sporting community encourages or discourages athletes working in the realm of social change.
  4. The roles educational institutions play in providing grounding for athletes to make the connections between athletics, academics, and the community.
  5. The role and impact of media in how athletes can affect social change.
  6. The intersection and convergence of athletes, sports, and politics.

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