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The Muhammad Ali Center Combines Conversation and Art to Highlight Topics of Social Justice in Conjunction with New Temporary Exhibit, Corita Kent: Heroes and Sheroes

NETWORK, a Global Movement for Justice and Peace, to Present Workshop on Racial Wealth and Income Gap on Monday, November 4th  

Corita Kent: Heroes and Sheroes Exhibition Showcases Art from the 1960s by Acclaimed American Artist Corita Kent that Captures Turbulence and Hope of the Civil Rights Movement

The Muhammad Ali Center and NETWORK Lobby for Catholic Social Justice will be partnering on a Racial Wealth and Income Gap workshop to take place at the Muhammad Ali Center on Monday, November 4th, 11:00am-1:00pm. The workshop will combine informational presentations, interactive simulation, individual reflections and group discussions to educate participants about the origins of our nation’s racial wealth and income gap. It will be facilitated by Sister Emily TeKolste, NETWORK’s Grassroots Mobilization Specialist.

The workshop is in conjunction with the Ali Center’s latest temporary exhibit, Corita Kent: Heroes and Sheroes, which features vibrant serigraphs created during the 1960s by the late social activist and artist Corita Kent. Corita Kent, formerly known as Sister Mary Corita, knew she possessed unique abilities that could be used to harness positive change in the world, and it was through her art, for which she would be recognized internationally. The exhibition is now open to the public through January 3rd.  See the full press release for Corita Kent: Heroes and Sheroes HERE.

During the workshop, participants will learn about 12 different federal policies that have been implemented throughout America’s history that have led to what some believe to be the intentional divestment of the black community. The workshop will provide participants with an opportunity to examine the institutional and political realities of racism while examining ways to correct them.

Said Sister Emily TeKolste of NETWORK,“I’m excited for the opportunity to partner with the Muhammad Ali Center to present this workshop in Louisville to honor the work of Corita Kent, who used her art to speak out for justice.  At NETWORK, we work with Catholic Sisters and all who share our passion to promote justice through federal legislation. Corita Kent was part of the tradition in Catholic women’s congregations of using our talents in the promotion of justice, who continue this work today in partnership with those in our broader communities.

The workshop is free and open to the public. Attending the workshop will include admission to Corita Kent: Heroes and Sheroes. Participants can register HERE. Walk-in registrants will be accepted.