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The Muhammad Ali Center’s Statement on the One Year Anniversary of George Floyd’s Death

On the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s death, the Muhammad Ali Center extends its continued sympathy to the Floyd family for the loss of their loved one. The grief of losing a family member to violence is almost unbearable, but has become a fact of life for so many families today.

It is our hope that George’s death will not be in vain and will lead to major societal improvements. Such is also the hope of the Floyd family which has stated, “We stand today to turn pain into purpose, hate into hope, and tragedy into triumph.”

Muhammad Ali urged us to look deeper and more honestly at the causes and harm of bias and hatred in our lives and society, once stating, “Prejudice comes from being in the dark; sunlight disinfects it. And once we get to know people who are different, we might still dislike them. But it will be for their individual characteristics; not for their religion or the color of their skin.”

Today, on May 25th, the Ali Center supports the 5/25 D.O.E. – Day of Enlightenment – with the hope that this day will significantly contribute to addressing hatred, prejudice, and violence in our society by illuminating the root causes of these evils.