Available Light: Louisville Through the Lens of Bud Dorsey

August 25. 2017 - January 2, 2018  This photography exhibition explores Louisville through the eyes of local photographer, Bud Dorsey. Capturing thousands of moments over the past five decade, Dorsey encapsulates life in Louisville's West End, showcasing compassion, love, pride, and struggle.    In partnership with: 

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In the Shadows: Photography by Howard Bingham

Celebrate the legacy and work of the late Howard L. Bingham, Muhammad Ali's best friend and personal photographer. In the Shadows features never-before-seen photos taken over four decades of Howard's career, capturing significant historical events in the United States, from social activism to pop culture, while revealing intimate photos of Muhammad Ali.

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Where Inspiration Takes Flight

Where Inspiration Takes Flight is a community art project on display as part of the "I Am Ali" Festival  this summer in Louisville, Ky. Throughout the festival, visitors are encouraged to answer the question "What Inspires You?" by writing it down on a butterfly window cling. The butterflies are displayed on the

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breaking barriers logo

Breaking Barriers: Sports for Change

This traveling exhibit tells the story of how athletes have used their celebrity to fight for social change. It includes interactive displays that show how some of history’s super athletes like Muhammad Ali, Martina Navratilova, Jesse Owens and Terry Fox scaled to the heights of sports by defying expectations and

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Shining a Light Girls Reading

Shining a Light

2017 Shining a Light International Photo Exhibit Opening at the Muhammad Ali Center on March 8th, International Women’s Day, will be its annual international photography contest and exhibition, Shining a Light.  This year’s exhibition will be comprised of  the “best of the best” from the previous three years:  winners, honorable mentions, and

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Inspiration to Action: An Art Tribute to Muhammad Ali

With the passing of Muhammad Ali on June 3, 2016, the Ali Center is honoring what would have been his 75th birthday with a special exhibition of tribute works. Inspiration to Action: An Art Tribute to Muhammad Ali allows the Center to showcase unique art pieces that are in our collection, as

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