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The Muhammad Ali Center is the premier repository, preserving and managing Ali's legacy through donated items, historical records, and more.

Photo of Muhammad Ali's Presidential Medal of Freedom

The Collections & Archive at the Muhammad Ali Museum preserves and manages the documentary, photographic, artistic, film, audio, video, digital record, and three-dimensional items of Muhammad Ali’s life and career as an athlete, humanitarian, and public figure. The Museum utilizes elements of its collections to implement the institution’s mission to mobilize Muhammad’s legacy as an educational and advocacy organization.

Collections items are available to students, scholars, specialists, representatives of educational and cultural institutions, and members of the public by request.

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Artwork of Muhammad Ali painting

Permanent Collection

The Muhammad Ali Museum’s permanent collection is a tribute to the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali, featuring a wealth of historical artifacts, legal documents, photographs, boxing ephemera, and artwork that highlight his remarkable career and enduring influence on society. Muhammad’s friends, family members, and fans from all over the world gave these items to the Museum to be preserved and shared for generations to come. The Ali Center is proud to be the premier repository and safeguard of the items that tell the story of the physical mark that Muhammad Ali left on our world.

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit, the Muhammad Ali Museum does not purchase items for our collection. If you are interested in donating a Muhammad Ali-related item, please fill out our Donation Inquiry Form.

Black and white photo of Muhammad Ali running in sweats while waiving to a large truck full of people waving at him

Muhammad Ali Oral History Project

Started in 2016, the Muhammad Ali Oral History Project is an ongoing initiative created to document the life and legacy of Muhammad Ali. Through the practice of oral history, the project aims to record interviews with individuals who had direct relationships with Ali, including family members, boxing peers, and childhood friends. Additionally, the project seeks to capture the perspectives of those who were influenced or affected by Ali’s life and work. Recording these histories is vital to the continuation and mobilization of Ali’s legacy. By preserving these invaluable personal stories, future generations will have the opportunity to understand why Ali remains a beloved figure and a beacon of hope for people all over the world.

Photograph of Muhammad Ali's Ellis Island Medal of Honor

Digital Museum

Established in 2020 in partnership with History IT and made possible by the Institute of Museum and Library Services, the Muhammad Ali Digital Museum is an interactive online platform that celebrates the life and legacy of the legendary boxing champion and icon. The digital museum shares Ali’s story in a way that is only possible through his artifacts, documents, and items. Guests from all over the world can immerse themselves in this remarkable story, explore the Muhammad Ali Museum’s digitized archives and collection, and discover more about Ali through quarterly digital exhibits and recorded Muhammad Ali Oral History interviews.

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