A complete list of our programs offered at the Muhammad Ali Center.

What We Do

Every year, the Muhammad Ali Center offers a variety of programming to celebrate greatness and forward Ali's legacy.

Daughters of Greatness

The Muhammad Ali Center celebrates the women who are shaking up the world.

Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards

Celebrating Greatness and honoring those who carry on Muhammad Ali's work towards a more just and compassionate world.

Ali Festival

The Ali Center opens its doors to the community to celebrate Muhammad Ali’s life, through music, art, and community service.

Stories of Ali

The Stories of Ali series brings topics of Muhammad Ali’s life to legacy to the forefront using recorded interviews.

Indie Lens Film Series

The Muhammad Ali Center is proud to host the Indie Lens Film Series, bringing independent documentaries to spark important conversations.

Signature Annual Events

From January to November and lots in between, join the Muhammad Ali Center for some of our signature celebrations.

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