Ali Center responds to Department of Justice LMPD findings



LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Today we learned from federal officials that LMPD unfairly and unjustly policed Louisville’s community, especially the Black community. The Department of Justice report clearly states LMPD officials routinely targeted Black and vulnerable Louisvillians and subjected them to a pattern and practice violating their constitutional rights. Violations included but are not limited to physical violence, racial epithets, profiling, and the use of submission and fear to oppress and harm members of the Louisville community. The investigation found officers violated the rights of children, people with disabilities, and victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

We acknowledge these issues did not begin when Breonna Taylor was killed in her home. Rather, her death was a horrific and unnecessary result of these unjust systems and a pattern of unconstitutional policing. Courageous citizens who filled our streets after her death ‘saying her name’ were right. Today’s report validates the countless cries for reform and justice brought forth for decades by citizens of Louisville.

The Muhammad Ali Center echoes Mayor Greenberg’s demand for action and affirms our commitment to work alongside community members and government officials as we build a stronger Louisville that protects the dignity and rights of all. The Center will take action to advance the work of ensuring policing systems are not a force of oppression and racism. We’ve already been in contact with Louisville’s elected officials to express our sustained commitment to this work and our intention to hold our leaders accountable. We can do better. We can be better. Louisville can be the city Muhammad always imagined it to be.

In the words of Muhammad Ali, the Center that bears his name and boldly carries his legacy forward makes this pledge:

“In your struggle for freedom, justice, and equality, I am with you.” – Muhammad Ali

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