Ali Center to open new exhibit 'The Greatest Remembered'

Mockup photo of The Greatest Remembered exhibit from the front
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Ali Center to open new, permanent exhibit documenting Muhammad Ali’s passing

The new exhibit documents the impact in Louisville and around the world, in the moments and days that followed the Champ’s passing

LOUISVILLE, KY (April 2, 2024) – The Muhammad Ali Center is proud to unveil a new, permanent exhibit documenting the passing of Muhammad Ali on June 3, 2016. The new exhibit, titled The Greatest Remembered, will open to the public as part of our Community Free Day on Saturday, April 6. 

The product of a long creative process with the Center’s curation team and Board and Community stakeholders, The Greatest Remembered incorporates artifacts from the week of Ali’s passing, photography from around the community, a three-dimensional display, and a video documenting the community’s reaction, and Ali’s Janazah and memorial service.

“Telling the story of Muhammad’s impact here in Louisville and around the world was a big responsibility and undertaking we took very seriously,” said Senior Manager of Curation and Collections, Bess Goldy. “My hope is that visitors who weren’t in Louisville during that time can feel the impact he had, and the spirit of this place in that time. It’s bittersweet to tell this story, but it’s important to document his homegoing as part of the overall story of his legacy.”

Support for The Greatest Remembered came from Unified Sign and Design, who helped apply some of the graphic elements, as well as the Courier Journal, Steven Katzman, Paul Davies and Al Satterwhite – all who generously donated images to be displayed.

The Greatest Remembered also includes clips from the film City of Ali – appearing courtesy of Graham Shelby and the Louisville Mayor’s Office. 


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