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Request for Proposals

Character Education Curriculum Development Contractor

Closing Date: February 28, 2019

Project Overview

Through this call for proposals, the Muhammad Ali Center is seeking a curriculum specialist to act as the primary author of a 7 module character education curriculum revision that will include a large amount of original and new work. The existing MAC character education curriculum has several limitations that must be addressed through this comprehensive revision and rewrite process.  First, the modularized format makes the curriculum repetitive as the same activities are presented for each of the 6 Core Principles. This repetition decreases the efficacy of the program past a 1-year engagement with a student body, limiting the applicability of the curriculum to one school/programmatic year. Second, the curriculum was written before Muhammad Ali’s passing and must be updated to reflect that historic event and to revise other outdated information.  Additionally, Muhammad Ali’s memorial service and the wealth of primary sources created during the week of his passing are a treasure of curricula resources that must be incorporated in to the next version of the MAC’s character education.  Finally, in line with 21st Century Learning theory, the curriculum must be digitized, utilizing information, media, and technology in all lessons and student materials.

The MAC seeks a comprehensive character education curriculum that can be tested and evaluated against several outcomes, including:

  • Increased academic success
  • Academic persistence
  • Knowledge of the Core Principles and the legacy of Muhammad Ali
  • Civic dispositions, engaged citizenship, and leadership
  • Prosocial Behaviors including but not limited to Service, Healthy Lifestyle, Compassion, Trustworthiness, Justice, Fairness
  • Teacher and school administrator buy-in regarding the importance of character education

This comprehensive revision will allow the Muhammad Ali Center to engage with school and community programs for multiple years, deepening student learning. In turn, through a digitized platform, the Center will be able to bring the character education program to scale, utilizing Muhammad Ali’s legacy to impact students throughout the country. The Ali Center is poised to expand its reach locally, regionally and beyond, contributing to the development of young people who are college and career ready. Additionally, this needed revision and digitization of the curriculum will provide the Ali Center with the mechanism to create a sustainable revenue stream that will support the growth, reach, and impact of the Center’s educational programs for years to come. This project will put the Ali Center and Louisville on the map as a cultural institution with a significant contribution to make in the area of educational attainment through character development.

For more information and how to apply, click here:

Character Education Curriculum Development Contractor Overview



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