Six Core Principles

Explore and reflect on the set of six values that guided Muhammad Ali’s life.

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Beliefs that shaped a champion

Within the Muhammad Ali Museum walls, visitors have the opportunity to explore their own potential for greatness, drawing inspiration from the six core principles of Muhammad Ali’s life: Spirituality, Conviction, Confidence, Dedication, Giving, and Respect.

Experience a serene and contemplative space in the Spirituality pavilion, where you can reflect on the world’s religions and embrace Ali’s message of our shared humanity. Through immersive elements, discover the six “truths” of religion and a captivating timeline chronicling Ali’s spiritual journey. 

Step into the Confidence pavilion, a cone-shaped theater, to experience how Ali’s self-esteem and self-confidence became a beacon of inspiration for Black Americans during the Civil Rights era, empowering them to embrace their own beauty, potency, and self-belief. 

In the Dedication pavilion, become immersed in this captivating multimedia presentation that showcases Ali’s relentless dedication and unparalleled work ethic as you witness him training, while hearing firsthand accounts from those who had the opportunity to witness his unwavering commitment to becoming The Greatest.

Place your hand in Ali’s in the Giving pavilion and embark on a transformative and interactive journey, gaining profound insight into Ali’s approach to life. Listen to heartfelt accounts of his selfless acts, including touching tales from his own children, which reveal the depth and breadth of his kindness, often overshadowed by his athletic achievements and charismatic style. 

View the remarkable journey of Ali’s personal change at the Respect pavilion and maturation in this short film. Through a compelling series of clips and interviews, gain unique insight into Ali’s actions and deepen your understanding of his transformative path. 

Follow along Ali’s path through the peak of the Civil Rights era in a multi-sensory display in the Conviction pavilion, featuring recreations, footage, and interpretive panels that vividly depict significant moments such as his lunch counter denial, involvement with the Nation of Islam, conscientious objection to the Vietnam War, and the landmark Clay v. United States Supreme Court decision. 

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“The Greatest” Timeline

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All Ali, All the Time

Grab a ringside seat to watch some of Muhammad Ali’s most famous fights.
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Lighting the Way

Watch Ali lighting the Olympic cauldron and see his torch from this captivating appearance.
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Train with Ali

Test your boxing skills in a recreation of the Champ’s Deer Lake training camp.
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