Young, Fast, Pretty:
Ali's New Online Home

As the Muhammad Ali Center approaches its twentieth anniversary, we are pleased to present this new, completely redesigned website, reflecting both the vitality of Muhammad Ali and the vibrancy of his legacy being continued in the work of the Ali Center.

Muhammad Ali co-founded the Center with his wife Lonnie in 2005, not only as a repository for his story, but also a venue for inspiring generations of changemakers to create a world where everyone can achieve their own greatness.

After new Center leadership agreed it was well past time to refresh our website, a new was envisioned, using months of research with external and internal stakeholders. The goal was to create an educational and historical resource where people around the world can learn about the legacy of our champion, presented with the same visual panache of Muhammad Ali himself.

We’re proud to house the largest online biographical record of the life of Muhammad Ali, including his entire boxing career, his humanitarian efforts around the world, and those in his inner circle. The Ali Center hopes this resource will help educate the next generation about Ali, as well as showing the seasoned fans some things they didn’t know. In addition, our new website will be a home for educators looking to access our Education department’s resources like lesson plans, presentations, and worksheets.

We’re thankful to many partners who helped us get here, and would love to hear your feedback.

Thanks to our Partners!

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