Muhammad Ali Center website gets six-figure overhaul



Muhammad Ali Center website gets six-figure overhaul

New website positions Ali Center as leading authority of Muhammad Ali’s life and legacy

LOUISVILLE, KY (October 10, 2023) — After a year of development and production, the Muhammad Ali Center is proud to unveil the new This new website is the ultimate source of Muhammad Ali information, and a state-of-the-art hub reflecting the next chapter of the Center. Features of the new site include an in-depth biographical section about Ali and a Learning Hub for educators, as well as the Center’s new membership program.

As the Muhammad Ali Center approaches its 20th anniversary, the team is pleased to present this new, completely redesigned website, reflecting both the vitality of Muhammad Ali and the vibrancy of his legacy being continued in the work of the Ali Center.

Muhammad Ali co-founded the Center with his wife Lonnie in 2005, not only as a repository for his story, but also a hub for inspiring generations of changemakers to create a world where everyone can achieve their own greatness. The Center believes this new online platform continues in that spirit.

“To be a 21st Century destination, we needed to take our web presence to the next level,” Ali Center President and CEO Marilyn Jackson said. “It’s our hope will become a destination for admirers, visitors, and lifelong learners.”

After Center leadership agreed it was time to refresh the website, a new was envisioned during months of research with external and internal stakeholders. The goal was to create an educational and historical resource where people around the world can learn about the legacy of the champion, presented with the same visual panache of Muhammad Ali himself.

“When people visit the museum, often they enter knowing Muhammad Ali the boxer and leave loving Ali the Humanitarian,” Senior Manager of Content and Communications, Annie Moore said. “I truly hope visitors to our new website experience that same journey and learn how much more than a boxer Muhammad was.”

The Center partnered with Chicago-based firm, Field Theory, for the year-long process, which included a complete rework of the website’s user experience, user interface, and site-mapping. The new site features modernized search engine optimization (SEO) and accessibility best practices.

The Ali Center is proud to house the largest online biographical record of the life of Muhammad Ali, including his entire boxing career, his humanitarian efforts around the world, and those in his inner circle. The Ali Center hopes this resource will help educate the next generation about Ali, as well as showing the seasoned fans some things they didn’t know. In addition, the new website will be a home for educators looking to access the Education department’s resources like lesson plans, presentations, and worksheets.

Another feature the Center is proud to highlight is the full integration of the digital museum. The Ali Center’s digital archives house more than 1,000 artifacts and photos telling the story of Ali’s life. It’s the hope of the Ali Center this online resource lowers barriers to access these pieces of history.

Photographs featured on the new website appear courtesy of the Muhammad Ali Center Archives, Authentic Brands Group, Courier Journal, Howard Bingham Estate, Louisville Photographer, Library of Congress, Associated Press, Jeff Julian, Sonia Katchian, LeRoy Neiman Center, Lynn Quail and more.


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