Frequently Asked Questions

About the Muhammad Ali Center


Q: Is your facility handicap accessible?

A: Yes, the Center is ADA compliant and offers options for visitors to access all levels including the exhibits and private use spaces.

Q: Do you offer wheelchairs and/or strollers on-site?

A: The Center has three complimentary wheelchairs available for those who might need assistance, but we do not offer either wheelchair or stroller rentals on-site.

Q: How long does it take to tour the Muhammad Ali Center?

A: The length of time visitors spend at the Center varies from 1-3 hours, or even all day. We have three levels of exhibits that include a 14-minute orientation film, numerous interactive stations, three changing exhibit galleries, a retail store and more. The length of your visit depends on how you like to experience museums–whether you are one who reads everything and views all of the multimedia or you are one who prefers to casually browse.

Q: Do you validate parking in the parking garage located under the facility?

A: The parking garage, which is located directly under the Center, is owned by the Parking Authority of River City (PARC), so we are not able to validate parking for visitors. For parking rate information, you may contact PARC by visiting their web site or by calling 502.574.3817.

Q: Will Muhammad Ali be at the Center when I visit?

A: Muhammad makes frequent visits to the Center, however, it is usually with little advance notice (Muhammad has always liked to make spontaneous visits) or no public announcement. When the Center is able to announce his visit, we may post a notice on our web site or send an e-mail announcement to our members and e-newsletter subscribers. Click here to sign-up for our e-newsletter.

Q: Can you recommend some hotels and/or restaurants close to the Muhammad Ali Center?

A: Downtown Louisville, Kentucky has a great selection of accommodations and cuisine. For more information including descriptions, locations and interactive maps, we recommend visiting the Greater Louisville Convention & Visitors Bureau website at

Q: Are cameras allowed in the Muhammad Ali Center?

A: We permit non-commercial photography including film/digital/video cameras and other forms of audiovisual recording. However, no flashes, lights or tripods are allowed. Also, photography is strictly prohibited in the Orientation Theater, Howard L. Bingham Gallery, LeRoy Neiman Gallery, and other special exhibits on loan. No photography of material subject to copyright restrictions may be used for publication or any commercial purpose without the written permission of the copyright holder and the owner of the material.

Q: Are any of the exhibits translated into different languages?

A: The four historical “Journeylines” are translated in Spanish and there are over 19 different languages represented in the Center in various ways. However, the primary language in the Center is English.

Q: Is the Library and Archives open?

A: Not yet. As part of the vision of the Muhammad Ali Center, the Library and Archives will serve as an important preservation and educational component that will require a full-time staff member and a collections expert to organize and catalog items in both Muhammad’s and the Center’s collections. The Muhammad Ali Center will announce the opening through the Center’s web site.

Q: Could you tell me how much my Muhammad Ali memorabilia item is worth?

A: Unfortunately, the Muhammad Ali Center does not have the capability to authenticate or place a value on Ali memorabilia. To receive a list of companies that can officially authenticate or appraise your item, please email

Q: Do you purchase items to display at the Muhammad Ali Center?

A: The Center serves as a place of ideas more so than artifacts, therefore, we only have a few items on display in the exhibits. The Center is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. While items are not currently being purchased to add to the collection, we are happy to ascertain items for possible donation. If you would like to donate an item to the Library and Archives, please click here.

Q: I am doing a report/research/school project on Muhammad Ali. Could you provide some resources and/or information on the subject?

A: Much of the historical information on Muhammad is included in the exhibits (and not in a format that is easily distributed). Future plans call to offer some resources online that would be tied to the Library and Archives. Fortunately, Muhammad Ali is one of the most written about individuals in history, so there is an array of books and tapes available from several sources. 

About Muhammad Ali


Q: How do I request an autograph, correspondence, personal appearance, etc. from Muhammad Ali?

A: Any requests directly related to Muhammad Ali go through Muhammad Ali Enterprises. You may contact them at the following address:

Howard Schwartz
Muhammad Ali Enterprises
650 Madison Avenue, 16th Floor
New York, NY  10022
Phone (212) 407-9161

Q: How does Muhammad Ali spend his time?

A: Since Muhammad retired from boxing, he has devoted himself to humanitarian endeavors at home and around the globe. A devout Sunni Muslim, Muhammad has traveled the world over, lending his name and presence to hunger and poverty relief, supporting education efforts of all kinds, promoting adoption and encouraging people to respect and better understand one another. It is estimated that he has helped to provide more than 22 million meals to feed the hungry, while Muhammad’s travel has slowed down significantly in recent years, he still helps when and how he is able, especially to promote the efforts of the Muhammad Ali Center in Louisville, Kentucky.

Q: Where does Muhammad Ali live?

A: Muhammad and his wife, Lonnie, have homes in Phoenix, Arizona; Louisville, Kentucky; and Berrien Springs, Michigan. Currently, the Ali’s spend most of their time in Phoenix, Arizona.

Q: How old is Muhammad Ali?

A: Muhammad was born on January 17, 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky. He celebrated his 70th birthday in 2012.

Q: Who is Muhammad Ali married to?

A: Muhammad and his wife, Lonnie Ali, both natives of Louisville, Kentucky, have been married since November 19, 1986.

Q: How many children does Muhammad Ali have?

A: Muhammad has nine children — seven girls and two boys.

Q: Are any of Muhammad Ali’s children boxers?

A: Muhammad’s youngest daughter, Laila Ali, is a retired professional boxer. During her career, she never suffered a loss. She won 21 of 24 fights by knockout. One of her wins was against Jackie Frazier-Lyde, the daughter of Joe Frazier. Laila is featured in the Train With Ali exhibit on Level 5 of the Muhammad Ali Center.

Q: When did Muhammad change his name from Cassius Clay to Muhammad Ali?

A: In 1964, right after Muhammad won his first heavyweight championship against Sonny Liston.

Q: How is Muhammad Ali’s health?

A: Despite having had Parkinson’s disease for more than 25 years, Muhammad continues to travel on occasion and to participate in causes that he believes are important. Muhammad does not let his physical challenges overcome his ability to help and inspire others to overcome adversity. Muhammad also enjoys watching sports and attending games, especially baseball, football, and basketball.

Q: How do I share a story or memory about Muhammad Ali?

A: If you would like to share memories or stories about Muhammad, please click here. (LINK TO At the Muhammad Ali Center, visitors also have the opportunity to write a message or share a story in a journal located in the Center’s Main Lobby. Submissions will be added to the collection of materials as part of the Center’s Library and Archives.

About Event Facilities


Q: Will a Center representative attend my event?

A: Yes, an event manager will be on hand to make sure that your event runs smoothly.

Q: Can I have a ticketed event at the Center?

A: The Muhammad Ali Center does not allow ticketed events that are not directly hosted by a 501(c)(3) entity. The Center reserves the right to request and review proof of a Lessee’s 501(c)(3) status prior to entering into this Agreement. If the 501(c)(3) organization wishing to utilize the Facility has a promoter or other host, the Center may require that such promoter or other host also sign and be bound by this Agreement.

Q: What about food & beverage?

A: The Muhammad Ali Center has nine approved caterers from which you can choose to provide your food and beverage. All food and beverages, including but not limited to alcohol, served in the facility must be provided by a vendor previously approved by the Center (the “Approved Vendor”).

No food or beverages of any kind are to be brought into the facility by the Lessee or their guest, without the prior written approval of the Muhammad Ali Center. Neither the Lessee nor their guests may bring their own alcohol into the facility or take alcohol out of the facility. Only an Approved Vendor may serve or transport alcohol. If alcohol is being donated to an event being held at the Facility, the Lessee must work directly with the Approved Vendor so that the Approved Vendor transports and services the donated alcohol at the Facility. Self-service bars and/or beer kegs are not allowed at the Facility.

Click here for approved caterers.

Q: Do you provide table linens?

A: No, we do not provide table linens. All of our caterers can obtain tables linens for you or you can get them from a third party.