Accessibility Services

The Muhammad Ali Center is committed to accessibility for all guests. Learn more about services offered to provide a comfortable and welcoming experience at the Center.


Services for Guests with Mobility Impairments

The Muhammad Ali Center includes elevator and walker access from the parking garage and street-level entrances as well as all levels inside the facility. Accessible restrooms and water fountains are available on each interior level. A family restroom is located on level 2. Wheelchairs are available for use at our Concierge desk in the main lobby. Please provide a state ID upon request of a wheelchair.

Please note that the main entrance of our facility is located on level 3 of the plaza. This is accessible from the parking garage or street-level stairs and elevators.

Service animals are welcome but must be cared for properly by the handler.

*MAC management reserves the right to remove guests and their service animals if actions are deemed necessary.

Open Captioning

Open captioning is provided for the following exhibits and multimedia presentations: Journeylines; Confidence, Dedication, Conviction and Spirituality Pavilions, the Orientation Theater; and the films “The Greatest” and “Speed, Power and Grace,” both of which focus on Muhammad’s career as a boxer.

Braille Signage

Elevators in the Muhammad Ali Center and the adjacent parking garage are equipped with Braille signage. Wayfinding and restroom signage inside the facility are also presented in Braille.

Mobile Navigation App

The Muhammad Ali Center has partnered with GoodMaps to create a mobile navigation tool for people who are blind or visually impaired.

Download the GoodMaps Explore app on the App Store or Google Play store to use while exploring our building.

For more information about accessibility at the Muhammad Ali Center, email us here.

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