Shining a Light:
Women in Prison

This year, the annual photography contest presents the unique effects of incarceration on women.

Closed January 8, 2024

At the Center

Woman adjusting her fabric wrap while standing in a soot-covered room

A lens on human rights and social justice

The Muhammad Ali Center is honored to announce its ninth annual Shining a Light exhibition, a resulting documentary-style exhibit from its corresponding international photography contest.

Participating photographers were asked to submit photographs that illustrate the unique ways in which incarceration affects women prisoners. Informed by the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals #5: Gender Equality and #16: Peace, Justice and Strong

The Muhammad Ali Center’s intention is to increase awareness, to educate on prison injustices, particularly those that disproportionately affect women prisoners, and to inspire viewers to get involved and to be a part of the solution.

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