Social Justice Retreats for Young Adults

Facilitators will lead programming and community-building activities, customized to fit the time constraints and specific needs for your group.

Two Ali Center staff members and a group of teens standing outside

During our Social Justice Retreats, our facilitators will lead programming and community-building activities that are tailored to each group. These retreats are customized to fit the time constraints and necessary outcomes of each group. Retreats occur at the Muhammad Ali Center but for overnight engagements, groups will need to make lodging accommodations outside of the center.

Program components include:
  • Two pre-meetings to understand current program climate, goals and expected outcomes for the retreat, logistics, and identification of any pre-work.
  • A guided tour of the Muhammad Ali Center that is rooted in Muhammad’s legacy as it pertains to social justice, systemic oppression, and colonialism.
  • Programming that engages gradually deeper learning and conversation surrounding pre-identified systems of oppression. Included will be brave conversations about how young adults are experiencing those systems both inside the organization and within their greater communities.
  • Collective strategy surrounding an action plan to address experiences tied to systemic oppression and creation of a group-supported list of value statements to guide action.


$1,500 to $3,000 for up to 50 participants (plus five free chaperones)
One or two day options available. Pricing is based on the duration of the retreat.

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