Social Justice Workshops for Young Adults

Students will identify a system of oppression to focus on, and our team will create a unique four-hour workshop.

Group of students seated and listening

During our Social Justice Workshops, groups will identify one system of oppression to center their learning prior to arrival. Once selected, our facilitators will craft and run a 4-hour workshop for your group.

Program components include:
  • Guided tour of the Muhammad Ali Center that makes nuanced connections between Muhammad’s legacy and the selected system of oppression
  • Understanding of the historical context and implications of the system
  • Explorations on how the system operates on a micro and macro level
  • Exploration of individual identities and how power and oppression show up in intersectionality
  • Co-creation of tactics to address the system as both individuals and a collective
  • Exploration on the four roles of social change as it pertains to the topic

$500 for up to 40 participants (plus 5 free chaperones)

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