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Meet the women who have been honored as Daughters of Greatness.

2023 Honorees


Daughters of Greatness: Dr. Helene Gayle

Dr. Gayle embodies everything a Daughter of Greatness can be. She is being honored for her leadership at Spelman College, the Bill & Melinda ...
Sep 15
8:30—10 A.M.

Daughters of Greatness: Lonita Baker

Attorney Lonita Baker champions legal equality and represented Breonna Taylor’s family in their landmark settlement with Louisville.
Jun 2
8:30—10 A.M.

Daughters of Greatness: Betty Winston Baye

Journalist Betty Winston Baye’s contributions to black storytelling in and out of Muhammad Ali's hometown make her a Daughter of Greatness.
Apr 14
8:30—10 A.M.

Daughters of Greatness: Deborah Douglas

Acclaimed author Debroah Douglas is celebrated for creating the first-ever travel guide to follow the official Civil Rights trail in the South.
Mar 17
8:30—10 A.M.

Daughters of Greatness: Linda Sarsour

The Ali Center recognizes Linda Sarsour, Until Freedom co-founder, for her advocacy for justice and police reform in Louisville and beyond.
Feb 11
8:30—10 A.M.

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Lonita Baker​
Betty Winston Bayé​
Deborah Douglas​
Linda Sarsour​
Carolyn Tandy ​
Karina Barillas ​
Nzinga Garvey ​
Noëlla Coursaris Musunka ​
Mattie Jones ​
Judge Denise Clayton ​
Victoria Russell ​
Diane Porter ​
Dolores Huerta ​
Captain Brenda Berkman ​
Dr. Neeli Bendapudi ​
Veronika Scott ​
Hannah Drake ​
Elmer Lucille Allen ​
Doris Kearns Goodwin ​
Captain Niloofar Rahmani ​
Roula Allouch ​
Dr. Olenda Johnson ​
Theresa Reno-Weber ​
Jamillah Ali ​
Alice Houston ​
Donna Orender ​
Lesley Visser​
Surekha Kulkarni ​
Dr. Brandy N. Kelly Pryor ​
Dr. Ashley Anderson ​
Cindy McCain ​
Judge Angela McCormick Bisig ​
Margeaux Gray ​
Suzy Post ​
Sadiqa Reynolds ​
Deborah Jiang-Stein ​
Dawne Gee ​
Barbara Sexton-Smith ​
Lily Yeh ​
Senator Georgia Powers ​
Reverand Becca Stevens ​
Christy Brown ​
Molly Bingham ​
Colleen Clines ​
Cathe Dykstra ​
Jasmine Guy ​
Eleanor Jordan ​
Urmi Basu ​
Marta Miranda ​
Dr. Renee Campbell ​
Crit Luallen​
Attica Scott ​
Carla Wallace ​
Dr. Cate Fosl ​
Tori Murden-McClure ​
Ambassador Shabazz ​
Marilyn Vann ​
Lonnie Ali ​
Gina Belafonte

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