Past Awardees - 2015

Awardees from the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards have been represented from five continents and diverse age ranges.

2015 Awardees

The third annual Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards took place on Sept. 19, 2015.

Harry Belafonte, wearing black button-up shirt, smiles at camera

Harry Belafonte

Belafonte earned the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Lifetime Achievement Award for his efforts in overturning racial barriers around the world.

Geena Davis, wearing black top and gold necklace, smiles at camera

Geena Davis

Davis was named the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian of the Year for her advocacy of gender equality in the media.

Man with glasses wearing black jacket, white shirt and red tie smiles at camera

Dr. Andrew Moore

Moore received the Muhammad Ali Kentucky Humanitarian of the Year award for efforts in healthcare for individuals who wouldn't have it otherwise.

Woman wearing blue and yellow headwrap smiles at camera

Rose Mapendo

Mapendo’s advocacy for worth and empowerment for women and girls earned her the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Award for Gender Equality.

Woman wearing black dress and black jacket speaks at lecturn

Kyla Lapointe - Confidence

LaPointe was honored as a leading advocate for promoting support that will benefit youth who are part of the child welfare system.

Woman wearing hijab and red and white dress speaks at lecturn holding hands at heart

Hadiqa Bashir - Conviction

Bashir’s mission is to empower disenfranchised girls in rural regions of Pakistan and to eliminate socioeconomic inequality.

Man with black jacket, light green shirt and red tie raises fist while at lecturn

Christopher Ategeka - Dedication

Ategeka's organization manufactures locally sourced ambulances to improve medical access and economic opportunities to those most vulnerable.

Woman wearing patterned dress with multiple colors speaks at lecturn

Veronika Scott - Giving

Scott created a system to empower homeless women who are paid to produce coats for people living on the streets.

Woman wearing white blouse and dark pants speaks at lecturn with hands raised

Sasha Fisher - Respect

Fisher, the co-founder of Spark MicroGrants, enables remote villages in east Africa to design and launch their own social impact projects.

Woman wearing multi-colored dress smiles and speaks at lecturn

Tanyella Evans - Spirituality

Evans co-founded Library For All, an organization that offers a digital library platform making quality educational resources available.

More Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awardees

2016 Awardees

The fourth annual Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards took place on Sept. 17, 2016.

2014 Awardees

The second annual Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards took place on Sept. 29, 2014.

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